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First question which comes in our mind after hearing about CBE is that what basically is CBE. CBE stands for computer based examination. CBE is is a method of administering tests in which the responses are electronically recorded and assessed. The name CBE i.e computer based examination indicates that computers or similar devices are used in CBE First three papers of ACCA are given through computer based examinations or CBE. Most of students are confused about ACCA CBE and they have different questions about CBE. So do not worry about CBE. We have a solution to all of your problems. The solution is that we have given a link to the CBE demo. You can click on the link given on the CBE demo written before to attempt an ACCA CBE demo to have knowledge about format of questions and other information regarding CBE demo. This demo basically helps students to identify the format of exams and attempt the exams according to the format identified by the demo. We hope that demo will help you all in idenntifying the format of real papers and you will easily access the demo to get knowledge about ACCA papers format. If you want any other information you can go to the home page

Please read these instructions before attempting the ACCA CBE demo.

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